What you should Frequently Ask of your Insurance and Agent.

What does your current insurance agent do for you?

Ask yourself does you current agent...

...Contact you each year to discuss your options or present you with better ones? We do.
...Come out to be there if the insurance company wants to inspect your property? We do.
...Help you manage your claims and communicate with the insurance company? We do.

We look out for our clients from the very beginning of our relationship. We present you options for your insurance coverage, give you our suggestions on what coverage to take, and then after you've purchased a policy we continue building our relationship. We return your phone calls, answer your questions, and are there for you as your life changes or when you need our help.

What should I know if I'm with a direct insurance company like Geico or Amica?

If you are with a direct carrier like Geico, Amica, or Liberty Mutual, this is what you should know. You are on your own! Try asking them what coverage you should buy, try asking them what you should do during a claim, or try asking them to compare their coverage to another company. You won't get far and whatever help you do get won't come easy. Think about it, if you have a claim, whose side is the company really on? Yours or their own? And if you think that none of that matters because the price you're paying is so low? Well you're going to get what you paid for.

Did you know that insurance agents have access to many companies that you don't?

So, how are you supposed to know what you are missing? A recent example, we helped a homeowner who thought the only company available was the Massachusetts FAIR Plan. We saved her hundreds of dollars, increased her coverage, and lower her wind deductible when we placed her with an insurance company that only offers policies through agents. It's good to check your options with direct insurance companies, but it's a best practice to use Sterling Insurance Group as your last call. Not only do we have access to markets that regular consumers don't, but we also can help you compare the options that you've already received so you know what you're getting for your money.

Why use an Independent Insurance Agent like Sterling Insurance Group?

To list just a few reasons:

There is no added cost to you and you end up having a knowledgeable ally to help you when stuff gets confusing or complicated.

You will deal with local insurance professionals like Libby & Rich and not a call center.

You will get access to dozens of insurance providers most of which you cannot get on your own.

You will receive independent insurance advice you can trust.