About our Insurance Agency

Sterling Insurance Group is your personal shopper for insurance. Each year we canvas our insurance carriers and let you know options for price and coverage so you can be in control of your insurance.

What is Sterling Insurance Group doing for you?

1. Bridging the gap between on and off-island.

We’ve spent years working off-island and developing relationships with insurance companies and service providers. Now we’re putting our knowledge and connections to work for our clients on-island with new companies that offer better coverage and more competitive rates.

2. Providing Islanders with New Options for Insurance.

We have great relationships with insurance companies that are excited to enter the Martha's Vineyard market, they have been waiting for an agent that they know and trust. We have already introduced 2 new markets to the Island that may be great options for your personal auto and homeowners insurance – contact us today for a quote!

3. Explaining Insurance in a Way our Clients can Understand.

Insurance policies are complicated and can be confusing, not to mention all insurance policies are not created equal. If you haven’t sat down and had a long conversation with your agent or provider about your options in the last couple years; then you owe it to yourself and your family to meet with us.

4. We will be here for you when sh*t hits the fan.

We do not use a 1 800 number or a call center. We walk you through the process with the insurance companies, from reporting the claim, to navigating the adjusting process and repairs, and most importantly getting paid. Insure with Sterling and get someone who knows how to get things done when you need it most.